• Launch of a Research Hub to Transform Waste for a 'Greener' Manufacturing Future

    Representatives of industry, government and science have helped officially launch the $8.8 million Australian Research Council Green Manufacturing Hub, led by UNSW Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla. The collaboration between industry partners and researchers at UNSW, the University of Sydney, the University of Wollongong and Monash University is focused on developing new processes to direct waste into industrial production and create valuable commodities.

  • Australia-Korea Joint Sustainability Conference

    Following the signing of an MOU between the Centre for Valuable Recycling (VaRec), South Korea, and UNSW, Sydney Australia this conference brought together researchers, and industry partners, from Korea and Australia to focus on the opportunities...

  • Microfactories: Advanced Manufacturing

    Revitalising Manufacturing, Creating Jobs and Reducing Waste

    The creation of innovative products from waste using the latest modular microfactory technologies from UNSW will result in thousands of new jobs across regional and metropolitan Australia. In collaboration with industry partners, the Hub has developed green manufacturing technologies that turn many types of common waste streams into saleable products.


Industry Collaborators


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Hub Project Summary

This “Green Manufacturing” Research Hub will create a unique opportunity for completely different industries to come together, with a common goal of creating value from mixed plastic and glass waste in manufacturing. Starting with fundamental investigations of the transformation behaviour of waste materials under high temperature conditions, we will develop scalable solutions for our manufacturing partners towards reducing the consumption of primary resources while simultaneously diverting waste streams from landfill. Additionally, the potential of using such transformations to yield improved products such as wear-resistant grinding media and light-weight building materials will be established, thereby enhancing Australian manufacturing.

Impact Statement

This Industrial Transformation Research Hub will develop scientifically-based solutions to some of the most challenging waste burdens within a framework particularly applicable to the Australian context. Building on successes in “green” steel manufacturing, the Research Hub will undertake world-leading research into the high temperature transformation of glass and plastic-rich waste streams into value-added manufacturing intermediates and novel products. The Research Hub will assist Australian manufacturers achieve sustainability targets, obtain new products from re-formed waste streams and enable them to become more competitive at a global level through the development of ground-breaking processes and product innovations.

University Collaborators